8. Backup and Upgrade

8. Backup and Upgrade

Backup and Upgrade

Configuration Backup

You can create a backup of your configuration in the web GUI by navigating to system → backup/flash firmware and clicking Generate Archive.

Firmware Upgrade

The Mesh Rider OS can be upgraded Over the Air (OTA) or from the Ethernet ports, using either the Web GUI, or the Linux console.

Linux Console Method

1.      Copy firmware from PC to the module:

scp firmware-sysupgrade.bin root@<IP ADDRESS>:/tmp/

2. Login to Smart Radio with ssh root@<IP ADDRESS>

3.      Use the sysupgrade command to update the firmware.

root@smartradio:~# sysupgrade -v /tmp/firmware-sysupgrade.bin


Web GUI Method

1.      Enter the following into the address bar of your browser

https://<IP ADDRESS>/cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/flashops

2.      At the bottom of the page, de-select the “keep settings” button

3.      In the “image” field, click browse and select your firmware image

4.      Click Flash Image

5.      After the system has verified the image, click Proceed

Configuration Copy

Simply restoring a configuration of another radio on to a different one can make the two radios incompatible with each other as there are several settings which are unique to each radio like the IP addressing and security keys. Doodle Labs has created a Configuration Clone tool to quickly distribute a radio configuration to multiple radios. The tool currently only works over the command line. In order to use it,

1.      SSH into the radio

2.      To see a list of options, run

root@smartradio:~# configclone.sh --help
usage: configclone.sh <ACTION>
-b)  create_backup
-r)  restore_backup
-c)  cleanup
-k)  do not overwrite conflicting parameters during restore
-o)  overwrite conflicting parameters during restore
output on create_backup: /tmp/backup.tar.gz
input on restore_backup: /tmp/backup.tar.gz

Running configclone.sh -b will create a backup (/tmp/backup.tar.gz) which can then be copied to other radios (scp to /tmp/backup.tar.gz) and restored with configclone.sh -r. During the backup and restore phases, the radio will ask questions to help you to resolve potential configuration conflicts. You can skip all questions in the restore phase by running it with the -k or -o options. 

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