6. Crashes, Reboots, etc

6. Crashes, Reboots, etc

The Smart Radios are designed to take a beating. That said, no system is perfect and if you find that the radios are misbehaving, consider the points below.

Unexpected wireless down time

If the Smart Radio is under heavy network load for hours or days on end, the watchdog monitor may kick in if the radio’s transmit queues get stuck. This will result in around 30 seconds of down time.

Reboots and crashes

The Smart Radio is not expected to reboot. If it does, first check that your power supply is sufficient, and that the radio is not overheating. If you are able to save the state of the system before a crash or a reboot, please do so. You will need to SSH into the radio. After that, you can print the kernel messages and system logs with

root@smartradio:/# dmesg
root@smartradio:/# cat /var/log/messages

The Smart Radio also includes a utility to do a comprehensive save of the system state

root@smartradio:/# sysutils savelog

The results will be stored in /tmp/savelogs.tar.gz. You can copy this file to your host your host machine by running

user@host-pc:~$ scp root@<IP ADDRESS>:/tmp/savelogs.tar.gz ./

Send this file along with your technical support request.

Factory Resetting

Configuration backup, restoration and factory resetting can be performed by navigating to the page system → backup/flash firmware. If you have modified your network configuration such that you can no longer access it, you can also factory reset the radio without network access. Factory reset differs from radio to radio.

In general, the factory reset pin should be pressed or pulled to ground for between 5 and 30 seconds (no more than 30 seconds and no less than 5 seconds). Factory reset only works after the device has fully booted up. Power up the device and wait for assurance, wait for 3 minutes for the radio to fully boot. The location of the factory reset switch is described below.

Note that if the device cannot be restored to it’s factory reset state using this method, then it is possible that the device needs to be repaired by Doodle Labs. Contact tech_support@doodlelabs.com.

Embedded Radio (-2H)

The -2H radio includes a reset wire on the main connector which should be pulled to ground following the recommended timing.

Embedded Radio (-2J-*M)

Look for a pin hole on the front side of the unit. Insert a pin through the hole and press the tactile switch following the recommended timing.

External Radio (-2J-*E)

The External radio includes a reset pin inside the box which should be pressed following the recommended timing.

Wearable Radio (-2K)

Unplug the Wearable Radio. Hold down the power button and then power the radio. Hold the power button down for between 10 and 20 seconds and then let it go. Wait for the radio to factory reset.

Helix Radio (-2L)

The -2L Helix Radio includes a reset wire on the main connector which should be pulled to ground following the recommended timing.