Smart Radio GCS Reference Design: Important Notes and References

Smart Radio GCS Reference Design: Important Notes and References

Important Notes

Multiple Radios

There are three main links between the UAV and the GCS, telemetry, Video, and RC control. The Smart Radio can be used for all three links, and if necessary, the RC and Telemetry links can go over MAVLink.

Using multiple radios on a radio usually creates RF interference issues. You cannot operate two radios in the same band even if they are on different channels as this will seriously compromise the link performance of both radios. For example, an RC radio link at 2412 MHz cannot be used alongside the Smart Radio at 2462 MHz.

Smart Radio API

The APIs provided by the Smart Radio are described in the document, “Remote Management Guide for Smart Radio”, which is available in our Technical Library [4].


The Doodle Labs Smart Radios provide excellent communications range, however, we do recommend using the highest gain antennas which your application can support. This will provide the best link quality. Consult out guide, “Antenna Recommendations for UAS” in our Technical Library [4] for more information.


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