Smart Radio LTE Failover: Introduction

Smart Radio LTE Failover: Introduction


This application note describes how to use LTE as a failover for the Smart Radio’s Mesh Rider wireless link. Smart Radio LTE Failover is an optional add-on license to the Mesh Rider OS to create highly resilient private wireless networks. The Smart Radio’s Mesh Rider link creates a high throughput, long range resilient wireless network. However, there are circumstances which could lead to the link being broken such as obstacles impeding a good line-of-sight. In such situations, it maybe useful to have an LTE link as a backup.

It is shown that the failover and recovery times between Mesh Rider network and LTE network can be as short as 1 seconds.

This application note is organized into the following sections

·       System Overview

·       Smart Radio + LTE Network Diagram

·       Device Configuration

·       Testing

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