Smart Radio LTE Failover: System Overview

Smart Radio LTE Failover: System Overview

System Overview

The system which we will demonstrate is shown in Fig. 1. 

Fig. 1 – LTE Failover System


SIM Cards

In this demonstration, we use SIM cards that support Internet of Things and M2M connectivity. The LTE service provider should be able to provide a private network for connected SIM cards which allows all devices to be addressable from one another over the LTE network. This is important because typical consumer LTE SIM cards only provide a private IP address which is not addressable over the internet.


LTE Modem

For this demonstration, we used the gl-inet Mudi LTE modem [2]. There are many brands of Industrial IoT LTE modems available. Smart Radio LTE Failover should work with them. We do not intend to make a recommendation on any particular LTE modem, but be careful to choose an LTE band suitable for your region of deployment, and a modem which supports sufficient throughput for your application. Aside from that the modem should support network port forwarding.  


The Smart Radio relies on Mesh Rider for layer 2 packet routing, and the same is true for LTE failover. We use a VPN (WireGuard) with a L2TP tunnel to establish a layer 2 pseudowire connection between the two radios over the LTE link. ETH1 is used for the failover link.

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